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Hot Tubes Custom Paint & Carbon Repair
Hot Tubes Custom Paint & Carbon Repair
Hot Tubes Custom Paint & Carbon Repair


We house a small staff at our shop. Remaining small is and was always our choice because it allows us to maintain our consistent, high standard and attention to detail for each project. When you call or email, you will speak to the same people that will be doing the work on your bike. At Hot Tubes, building a close relationship and giving each of you a top tier experience is our number one focus and drive. 


Meet the folks that make it all happen

Toby Stanton Hot Tubes Bike Painting


Owner / Carbon Fiber Repair / Custom Frame Building

Toby founded Hot Tubes in 1991. He's painted thousands of bikes and built or repaired just as many.  Today, Toby specializes in saving frames most thought unsaveable. His skill set includes: carbon frame repair, steel frame modification/fabrication, frozen seat post removal, frame building and overall frame inspection.  Aside from shop work, Toby runs the nation’s premier junior road racing team, Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team, which has produced more than 120 National Champions.

You can learn more about the team at

Toby Stanton Hot Tubes
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