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Hot Tubes Custom Paint
Hot Tubes Frame Restorations
Hot Tubes Frame Restorations



Since 1991 we have been providing shops, manufacturers and individuals like yourself, the highest level of custom bicycle paint the industry has to offer - Hot Tubes is known the world over for its custom paint work and design and as time goes on and styles change we continue to grow and evolve alongside the bike. 

We paint for all major manufacturers including custom frame builders from past and present. All bikes are treated the same. It’s your bike, it’s special to you and that’s what we care about. 


Combined, our paint staff has decades of experience painting bicycles and  the knowledge to restore your vintage or sentimental frame.

Hot Tubes is an authorized refinisher for all Specialized, 3T and OPEN bicycles. 

Hot Tubes Specialized Bikes
Hot Tubes 3T Bike Sales
Hot Tubes OPEN Bikes


Paint on all material frames start at $1,150.

Each paint job is custom so there is no standard cost. Each individual piece of work requires a different amount of time and it’s cost is based on that time.


For an estimate, please click the “contact us” button at the top or bottom of your screen and include as much information as possible. You’ll hear back within a day or two.


We accept paint codes from PPG Automotive, House of Kolor as well as major automotive paint manufacturers that produce aftermarket pearls and specialty effects. 


The links below will help you get us what we need. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions, we’re happy to guide you along this step.

  • PPG Paint It (This site is recommended for color selection and houses a wide range of color with options to narrow your selection down.) 

  • House Of Kolor (This HOK link will give you a range of generic solid, pearl and metallic colors but is best known for Kandy top coats)

  • TCP Global Color Selector (This link is great if you are familiar with car colors or looking for something specific based on car brand, model and year...You can google image search the color name off the sheet to get a better color reference)

  • Didspade (Great brand for current exotic, aftermarket chameleon/colorshift pearls)

  • Eye Candy Pigments (Is another great brand for a wide range of pearl and color shift effects)

  • Custom Colors - If you’re not finding that specific color hue or you’re simply interested in having color match your favorite jersey, company colors or whatever it may be, with years of experience and any eye for what’s required to make a color, our paint specialists can get you there. If you require a custom color that doesn’t have a color code, we will do our best to accurately match your desired color.

If you prefer to be more hands on, you should be able to find a local PPG Automotive paint supplier near you. They will have a variety of paint chip binders for you to look through and see the color in person.


Please do not give us PPG House Paint codes, RAL or  CMYK codes  unless we are custom mixing or using as reference in finding a close match.


Email us for details.


This is a common sense warranty. If there were ever a warranty question, please do not hesitate to give us a call. All of our paint jobs come with a limited lifetime warranty for material and workmanship.


When shipping your frame to us for paint, please remove all parts and send only what is to be painted. Please include a form of contact information to help identify your bike. We will contact you to let you know when your box has arrived.


If you are local enough to deliver your bike to us in person, that's great! If you can't disassemble your bike on your own, we have a professional mechanic, on staff, who is trained in every aspect of bicycle mechanics from vintage downtube shifting to the latest in full suspension technology and hydraulics.

Upon completion, your bike can be reassembled in house at current professional shop rates.

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