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Carbon Fiber Frame Repair Hot Tubes
Carbon Fiber Frame Repair Hot Tubes
Carbon Fiber Frame Repair Hot Tubes


Hot Tubes has been professionally repairing carbon frames since 2010 and are fully insured. We use unidirectional prepreg carbon fiber made here in America, on every repair that rolls through our door. Since ‘UD’ carbon is almost certainly what your frame was crafted with, it is exactly why we choose to repair your frame using it. 


Not only is UD really strong but it’s thin and controllable which allows us to layer and wrap awkward contours to mend the damaged area while at the same time keeping the repair thin giving you a strong, smooth finish.


Each repair is different and will require a unique layup for an effective repair. You can decide to keep the repaired area visible and add to the collection of battle wounds and stories of your bike or you can choose to treat it cosmetically, with paint, to blend in with the factory finish just like nothing ever happened.


Almost any carbon damage is repairable and we’ve seen and repaired just about all.


Here’s a list of the most common breaks we see and fix:


  • Top tube damage from handlebar or stand clamping 

  • Seatstay and chainstay derailleur whip fracturing 

  • Chain suck gouges     

  • Enlarged bottom bracket shells

  • Overtightened front derailleur 

  • Broken cable guides 

  • General cracking in any tube from wear and tear

**We DO NOT repair carbon forks or carbon wheels**

If you’re unsure about what you have, send us an email with the good photos or simply give us a call and we can talk it out.


Structural carbon repairs can and are typically completed within a week or less from the day of arrival.


On average a carbon repair will cost around $400. This does not include paint matching but always includes a protective clear coat finish over the repaired area.


Repairing carbon damage is fairly straightforward but matching the original paint design and color can tend to be a lot more complicated. Complex masking or multiple colors is an additional cost and quoted on a case-by-case basis.


All of our repairs come with a limited lifetime warranty against any material or repair defects for as long as you own your bike.


When shipping your frame to us for repair, please remove all parts and send only the frame. Please include in the box a description of exactly what you want us to do. Locate the damaged area and include your wishes for the paint or no paint option. Lastly, please include your name, phone number and email address and we will handle the rest.


If you are local enough to deliver your bike to us in person, that's great. If you can't disassemble your bike on your own, we have a professional mechanic, on staff, who is trained in every aspect of your bike from vintage downtube shifting to the latest in full suspension technology and hydraulics.


We would be happy to disassemble and reassemble your bike while it's in for service at current professional shop rates. 

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