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Hot Tubes Custom Frame Building
Hot Tubes Custom Frame Building
Hot Tubes Custom Frame Building


Toby has been building custom bicycle frames since 1991. In that time, He’s made over five hundred frames of all different kinds. In the beginning, all the frames were made from the best bicycle steel tubes in the world. As technology and materials have improved, so has our commitment to study and research the best ways to apply what we’ve learned.


As carbon fiber frames entered the market we read everything we could get our hands on and talked to carbon fiber manufacturers about how carbon frames are made and the materials science related to repairing composite structures. 


In 2015 we started making carbon fiber frames along with our classic steel frames. We make a limited number of custom steel and full carbon frames that are all made to order. These are not private label frames, made somewhere else and painted here. These are all made by hand, by us in our Massachusetts workshop. 


Custom steel frames start at $3,000 and full custom carbon frames start at $4,500.

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