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Here at Hot Tubes, we take a great deal of pride in our painting.  The first thing we do is strip your frame down to bare metal.  There are a variety of processes we use to achieve this. Low impact abrasive blasting and hand sanding are all used to get your frame to its original pre-paint state.  Your frame is then inspected for cracks, hidden damage and any other defects that may be covered by paint.  Minor surface imperfections can be filled with glazing and sanded prior to priming.  Multiple coats of PPG epoxy primer are applied.  It is then baked and wet sanded to a smooth finish. 

Color coats are applied next.  This type of painting is known as a “base coat, clear coat or wet paint” system.  Chemical bonding between coats is improved by the relatively short amount of time between steps.  Greater care is needed using this technique, but the durability is worth the extra effort.  After the color coats are applied, details such as filling in cut-outs, pin-striping and de-caling are done.  Multiple coats of PPG’s high solids clear is the last painting step in the refinishing process.

The frame is then baked again to finish curing all the coats into a highly durable finish. After that we go over the frame inspecting for surface imperfections.   Once the imperfections are sanded out with 2000 grit  wet sand paper, we buff with 3M rubbing compound & hand glaze leaving a dipped in glass appearance that will last for many years.

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Prices on custom paint for carbon frames typically range between $600 - $1200.00 depending on the degree of difficultly.